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Uplyme Church
Cemetery In Spring

Uplyme parish comprises of almost 900 households across 5 sq. miles in the easternmost area of Devon.  The parish extends from the A35 down to the coast at Ware, with the main village layout along Lyme Road.

The parish lies in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and has a variety of property styles, from Grade II listed to up-to-date housing.  There are extensive woodlands, bridleways, footpaths and rights of way in the parish.

There exists a primary school, a petrol station, shop, post office and pub – all the essentials a good village needs!  Welcome!

Uplyme Neighbourhood Plan

Welcome to the Uplyme Neighbourhood Plan!

Neighbourhood Development Plans were introduced by the 2011 Localism Act, to give local people more say about the scale and nature of development in their area, within the context of both strategic planning policy in the National Planning Policy Framework 2012, and local plans – in our case, the adopted East Devon Local Plan 2013-2031.
The Uplyme Neighbourhood Plan relates to the whole of the Parish and includes a wide range of topics: housing, employment, community facilities, transport, and the built and natural environment. The Plan will run until 2031 to coincide with the end date of the Local Plan, but may need to be reviewed before then.
The Plan has been drafted by local people in the Uplyme Neighbourhood Plan Group, following extensive community consultation and engagement over a period of years, followed by an examination by an independent Planning Inspector.
We believe that the plan represents a broad consensus of local opinion.

If you would like to download the full PDF version, click here…