If so, this scheme may be of interest:

“The Oil-Club is an internet based syndicate for people who need to purchase oil in order to heat their homes. Our service is free. Download a brochure here (PDF file), or join online here.

Our aim is to save our members as much money as possible by purchasing the oil in bulk from local suppliers who we negotiate with on our members’ behalf.

The Oil-Club is an independent organisation and has no links to any of the suppliers. The Club’s aim is simple – reduce the cost of heating oil for our members and the environmental impact as much as we can!

The benefits are:

  • Reduced heating oil costs
  • Reduced heavy goods vehicle traffic through our villages
  • Reduced carbon exhausted into our environment

How much can we save you ?

By grouping our deliveries by village or postcode sector and the bulk purchase ability of The Oil-Club, we are able to negotiate with our panel of suppliers the best bulk purchase price for heating oil and pass on the saving to our members. We already have a number of members in your Parish  benefitting from our service. As membership grows so does the negotiating power of The Oil-Club! So why not help us help you and Join The Club today?

How do we help the environment ?

A village with 100 members will save between 150 to 180 heavy duty vehicle trips a year through your village. A big saving on wear and tear to our village lanes and to the environment.”

(NB: This organisation has no affiliation with the Council.)