Cemetery In Spring


Uplyme Cemetery is owned and managed by the Parish Council. It is situated in Pound Lane just downhill from Mrs Ethelston’s Primary School. (DT7 3TT) Sat Nav.

Any requests to reserve a plot, place a memorial, or arrange a burial there should be made through the Parish Clerk, or your funeral director. You can download a document with the current Uplyme Parish Council Cemetery Fees here. (To see if you or the deceased are eligible for burial rights/interment at the reduced local resident rate, contact the Clerk. People living outside the parish at the time of purchase or death pay double fees.)


Please read and adopt the Uplyme Cemetery Regulations prior to any application.

You can also download (PDF) by clicking:

  1. Application for ERB at Uplyme Cemetery  (exclusive right of burial)
  2. Application Notice of Interment Form note: This form can be filled in electronically or printed
  3. Application for monument at Uplyme Cemetery (an application for a monument)

The last two forms likely to be most useful to funeral directors and memorial masons.
There are plans for each quarter of the Cemetery that you can consult to find a family plot for example.
Cemetery – North East Section – new burials are made here.
Cemetery – North West Section
Cemetery (old part) – South East Section
Cemetery (old part) – South West Section.
All the downloadable documents on this page are in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format.

To find your closest Register Office, visit   https://www.registerofficenearme.com/




Why do I have to pay fees for the plot and the burial?

The Council has to maintain the cemetery in perpetuity. When a plot is purchased for you or for a family member, you have the rights for 99 years, so both the fee for the plot, and for the interment(s) in the grave, go towards the cost of almost a century of maintenance. Current costs (2015) are estimated at about £3,500-4,000 a year just for grass cutting and gardening. A substantial amount has been spent recently on hard landscaping already and more will be needed in future. We also have to pay for spoil to be removed every year or two at a cost of over £500.
It would not be fair for all the costs to be met by the local taxpayers – most of whom are not buried in the cemetery – which is why fees are charged.
(Fees last updated in December 2016)