Sandbags or other flood emergencies

In an emergency where life is threatened, do not delay – call 999.

The Council has a limited supply of sandbags and sand for use by local residents to protect their own homes from the immediate danger of flooding. These are not provided for use on building sites, for shoring up, or to protect non-residential properties other than the Village Hall, shop, pub etc.

If your own property is in danger of flooding, please contact Councillors Turner or Pratt  who can tell you how to obtain sandbags. See the Councillors page for contact details.

Councillor Pratt also has sand. However, there is a limited amount, so if you wish to get in your own supplies from a local builders’ merchant to keep at home: the bags should not be kept full as they soon rot. If there is another flood, the Council’s emergency team will be out working, so please be considerate and patient if you can’t get assistance immediately.

The Council also has supplies of empty and filled heavy-duty rot-proof sandbags stored in a secure facility, which will be deployed by the emergency team if necessary.

The Council’s emergency contact points are Cllr Turner or Cllr Pratt and the Clerk 07413 947067.

For highways problems, the number to call is 0845 155 1004, which will direct you to the right number to call if it is unmanned.

EDDC (East Devon District Council) has an emergency contact point for help with setting up a rest centre if multiple properties are flooded, and can help with clearing up afterwards. The main contact number is 01395 517528, or out of hours 01395 578237.

Uplyme’s Community Emergency Plan

You can download a copy of the Uplyme Emergency Plan May 2018 from which personal details have been removed (PDF format). Councillors and officers have the full copy for use in an emergency.

The Environment Agency also has a page to help you create your own personal flood plan if you live in a low-lying or other flood-prone area.