Cllr Andrew Turner says:

salt spreader
The Council’s salt spreader in action

“Hello! In 2011 after a lot of effort the Uplyme Parish Council bought a towable gritter. As a parish councillor I had already written the emergency plan for the parish and this year incorporated the flood awareness plan.We started a volunteer group in the parish to man and tow the gritter on those cold snowy and frosty nights. It is not the fairies that have cleared your road when you wake up.

Also as July 7th last year with much rain falling very quickly on our lovely parish, many phone calls were made and many turned out at a moment’s notice to help flooded home owners and to help stop others getting flooded.

Self-help in the July 2012 floods
Self-help in the July 2012 floods

We all know we should not have to do this but if we do not help ourselves with all the cut backs this will not happen.

Once I have given training we are covered under the Devon County insurance scheme for snow and ice clearance.

I am looking for more volunteers to help parishioners should that emergency happen.

We can then hold a list of all volunteers to be available in virtually any situation.

If you have a skill, 4×4, tractor, etc. that we could call upon, please give me a call on 07779 030 011.

Many Thanks
Andy Turner”