Cllr Mason reported on the facts at the January meeting, some of which appear to have become lost in various communications. Mr Martyn Johnson made the application for 1st time sewerage; South West Water is therefore legally obliged to look into the feasibility/expense of the project. They are doing this now, using consultants who will report by the end of January. SWW will consider the report and make a decision thereafter. Cllr Forrester reported that 22 objectors signed a petition to SWW.

If SWW decide to go ahead, this cannot be stopped by residents who are against the scheme, but there is no compulsion to connect to mains drainage, unless there are faulty sewerage arrangements that are not put right. Those who decide to connect will pay a connection charge (to SWW or a local contractor). Some residents objected to excavations in the road to install a sewer – but if the scheme goes ahead, it would be laid through fields. A public meeting was requested, but the Council felt that this will not achieve anything at this stage; however, one may be useful if and when the scheme goes ahead, to allay the concerns of affected residents.

More info on the scheme here: http://www.southwestwater.co.uk/index.cfm?articleid=7353

Any residents wanting to speak to the engineer conducting the study should call Mr M Peters on 07977 268 927, or email mpeters@swwater.co.uk.