Footpaths, bridleways and lanes

Public Rights Of Way – As the Highway Authority for Devon, the County Council is responsible for 3,108 miles (5,002km) of public rights of way, for all footpaths and bridleways in the parish. If you notice any defects or dangerous features, please follow the link https://www.devon.gov.uk/prow/

You can see an interactive map of rights of way on Devon County Council’s web site.

A public right of way is a right by which the public can pass along linear routes over land at all times. Although the land may be owned by a private individual, the public have a legal right across that land along a specific route. Find out more about the different types of public rights of way.

If you have any problems reporting the problem, please contact the footpaths supervisor or the Clerk, with photos if possible or contact the Parish Council (Go to contact page)

The South West Coast Path through the Undercliff is now open again (summer 2016) after a major re-routing over Goat Island bypassed the landslipped section which closed the path for several years. Goat Island is well named … be prepared for the flight of steps on the east side. The work was carried out by the Natural England team with volunteer help.


FP64 is closed at the bridge near Pitt White for the foreseeable future, because extensive works to replace the foundations are not likely to be funded from current DCC budgets. In the meantime, you are very reckless if you attempt to use the bridge, which is clearly closed.


The Parish ran a trial in the Harcombe Road and Rhode Hill areas to identify floristically rich verges to bridleways, footpaths and country lanes. The aim is to ensure that small tracts of such verges are protected from strimming until after key plants have flowered and set seed.
The areas are identified by two 4ft. posts each with a broad red band around their tops, and should not be cut until late summer. Necessary visibility splays at corners and road junctions will not be impaired.
Contact the Clerk if you think other verges should be protected.