Devon County Council’s Highways Department often gets brickbats over the poor state of repair of our local roads and lanes, but Lois Wakeman, clerk to Uplyme Council, has a bouquet for them.

She said “Last week, I received a call from a resident whose husband was very ill and had difficulty getting around. All the recent floods have caused a lot of erosion around their property, as a result of which, the gentleman concerned found it very difficult to get out onto the road without falling into a gully that had been washed out.

“I asked Kez at the Highways call centre if she was able to organise a road repair on compassionate grounds, and she was doubtful, given the amount of flood damage waiting to be fixed. However, she promised to speak to her manager to see if anything was possible, and to everyone’s delight, the gully was tarmaced over just a day or two later.

“This swift and effective action has really made a difference to two people’s lives, and I’m very grateful. I’d also like to thank Councillor Karen Forrester for her help in visiting to find out what needed doing, and offering practical help with handrails in the garden.”