My name is Daniel Langworthy-Smith and I am the wayleave officer that represents the ultra-fast fibre installation company – Gigaclear. You may be aware, but we have been instructed by Connecting Devon and Somerset and Broadband Delivery UK to roll out a new ultra-fast network that can provide 1gb of internet to rural properties. Uplyme is one of our areas and I am making contact as I feel that it is important for our build but also the residents to know exactly what will be happening over the next couple of months.

Below I have attached some links that will explain who we are, what we do and why we are doing it for. You will see that we also have government backing and farmer union backing.

The process requires us to sometimes gain access onto private property and we would like to give people the opportunity to contact us with any questions before they agree to the agreement that will be sent out.

Could we suggest arranging a parish meeting that we could come along to and speak with the residents about our proposals?

I have attached above a copy of the build plan for Uplyme which you are able to include onto your webpage.





Thank you for your time,

Kind Regards,

Dan Langworthy-Smith | Wayleave Officer | Network Access Team