EDDC is looking to recruit people later this month. Contact Jill (details below) if you would like to earn some pocket money and also help everyone to have the chance to vote in the election next year. She says:

“We are looking for Personal Canvassers to go door knocking between 28 October and 28 November 2014.

Personal Canvassers will be sent out to areas with pre-printed forms and a canvasser worksheet.  The aim is to get a form completed on the doorstep, if the first visit is unsuccessful you will leave a calling card and put the form through the letter box.  If you spot anything else that could be of use to us such as a new property or different address than we have pre printed, you will make a note on the supplied worksheet.

You will be asked to collect both Household Enquiry Forms and Invitation To Register forms.

We will send you an email each Monday and Thursday to let you know of any returns and to prevent any wasted visits!

Training and first issue of forms will be on the afternoon of Monday 27 October.

We are paying £8.00 per hour (hours to be recorded on a timesheet), 45p per mile and 50p per form that you return to the office and that is determined as a completed application or provides sufficient information to enable us to remove someone.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require any further information (01395 517550).

Jill Humphreys
Electoral Services Manager, EDDC”