This is the second item about parish council elections (the first one is here: Have you thought of becoming a councillor?).

Process for standing for election

Getting the nomination forms

Blank nomination papers will be made available by the district council some time before the end of March.  The Clerk will also have a few copies. But there is only a short window in which to act: from Tuesday 31 March 9:00am to 4:00 pm Thursday 9 April 2015.

Anyone who is eligible to stand can request these papers.

Completing and submitting the nomination forms

The nomination process is straightforward and full instructions are provided on the paperwork.

  • Candidates will need to fill in all their personal details and those of the people nominating them. They, along with those nominating them, will be asked to fill in their Electoral Register number. This is the district code on the front of the Electoral Register e.g. Uplyme is ‘UN’ then this is followed by the number that appears next to your name. The entry in this box will therefore read something like ‘UN 413’. Forms must be fully completed and signed by their proposer and seconder.
  • The most important date to be aware of is 9 April, and the close of nominations for elections at 4pm.  Papers cannot be posted and must be hand delivered to the district/borough council.  They can be delivered by anyone but candidates are advised to take responsibility for their own nomination papers.  Parish clerks are advised to resist requests to deliver nomination papers, especially from existing councillors, unless they are happy to answer any queries on the papers when they are checked.
  • By 4pm on the 10 April a statement will be published of the persons nominated for the parish or town council.  This is your first chance to see if you do, or do not, have a contested election.  If there is an uncontested election, those candidates will be declared elected.  For a contested election, the voting will take place on 7 May.
  • Important note: Any existing councillors wishing to stand for another term of office must complete a nomination form just as any new candidate would.  There is no automatic nomination process for them.

More information here: http://www.beacouncillor.org.uk/