PCSO Trott reported no crimes for June, but 2 burglaries and one break-in in the Rhode Lane area over a single weekend – fishing equipment and garden machinery were taken.

PCSO Trott asked the public to look out for suspicious vehicles and note the registration no. if possible – the police would rather get details of vehicles that turned out to be legitimate than risk losing reports of criminal intent.

A free property marking service is offered – ring on 101 and ask for the Axminster Neighbourhood Team, visit the web site http://www.devon-cornwall.police.uk/teams/Axminster-Rural or email axminster@devonandcornwall.pnn.police.uk. Make sure you  note the serial number of items kept in outside sheds and garages if not marked. Alarm padlocks for sheds can be purchased at cost for £7 each.

Speed checks in Yawl on 7th caught two drivers going at 45 and 42mph in 30 mins, who will be getting a formal letter.

PCSO Trott will be speaking to the owners of vehicles parking at the end of Cooks Mead and obstructing the mini-roundabout, especially for people with long vehicles or trailers. You should never park within 10 meters of a junction, and it is an offence if by doing so you cause danger or unnecessary obstruction to other road users!