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What is a Walking Bus?

The Parish Council have applied to be considered for a 20mph zone to be created through the village to calm the flow of traffic. This is because we know that residents walk through the village daily, especially children on their way to and from school. However, whilst that is being considered, you may wish to create a ‘walking bus’.
So, what is a walking bus?
A Walking Bus is a safe and fun way for groups of children to walk to school together, accompanied by trained adult volunteers.
  • It allows them to develop good road sense and learn about traffic safety within their own neighbourhood whilst supervised by adults. – The physical exercise means they arrive at school alert and ready to learn.
  • Devon County Council provides support for parents and schools who wish to set up walking buses. This includes advice on routes, training, and insurance for Devon County Council maintained schools.
  • Walking Bus scheme is school based. It is run by the school community for the benefit of parents and children in the school.
  • Parents are encouraged to allow their children to take part and, if possible, to assist themselves.
  • As with a normal bus, the Walking Bus will follow a fixed route picking up children from bus stops at set times along the route.
To discuss this with your child’s school, find out more by clicking on the link.