I have just heard from the Environment Agency that waste spreading is due to start in a new location – Shapwick Hill – in the next few days.

So please take care whether you are in a car, on foot or horseback, as you can expect to meet large tankers negotiating the narrow roads from Trinity Hill.

Reporting Nuisance

This is for serious nuisance, not just the occasional bad smell, which as country dwellers we all need to tolerate.

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Update May 7th: Scheduled to last for another week from today at Harcombe according to my EA contact. There have been no complaints received by me this time so I hope that’s because the deployment has been managed better than last year.

Update May 13th: Harcombe spreading expected to finish on this Thursday (15th); then to move to Shapwick next week.

There may be a further week in Harcombe after the wheat is cut, but if not, that will be it for that part of the parish until next year.

The Council will be discussing whether to make representation to the Environment Agency about the licences for next year given the reported damage to the roads and difficulties for pedestrians, so if you wish to speak on the subject, please come to the meeting tomorrow (14th).